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The 2004 UF Conference on Comics,
“Comics & Animation: Simultaneity and Sequentiality”

This conference was broad in topic and conception, a return to basics after the excitement of the first two conferences. The goal of this conference was to draw in scholars who may not have felt they had work to contribute to either of the first two conferences, as well as to specifically consider the relationship of comics to animation. Digital media, self-publishing and gay comics were among the sub-topics of note, with discussion ranging from medial appropriation/adaptation to the socio-ethical dimension of comics art.

Original conference website.


Howard Cruse, Parrish Baker, Brian Clevinger, Mark Shahboz, Jose Villarrubia.


CLASSC, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Department of English, Alachua County Library District, Xerographic Copy Center, University of Florida Libraries, Goering’s Bookstore, Alternative Comics.


Laurie Taylor, Zach Whalen, Trena Houp, Tof Eklund.

2004 Comic Conference Poster