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Comic-Scholars Discussion List

The COMIX-SCHOLARS-L list is an academic forum which serves the interests of those involved in research, criticism and teaching related to comics art. All aspects of comics and cartooning from around the world are open for discussion. Likewise, we welcome theoretical and critical approaches from all disciplinary perspectives. Academic scholars, people working in other institutional frameworks, and independent scholars are all equally welcome to contribute.

The list’s common ground is its foundation in scholarship and its willingness to examine all the givens of comics form, culture, and history. It is a place to debate theoretical and historical issues; to post course syllabi and assignments; to call attention to potentially useful scholarship and other resources; and to post calls for submissions for books, journals, and conferences. The list is also a forum for discussing job searches, pedagogy, library acquisitions, financial resources, and other institutional factors that affect comics scholarship. It is not the place to seek topics for research papers.

If you do not care to listen to such academic conversations, then this list is not for you. The list is intended to focus on the means and ends of scholarship, and our discussions will venture far afield from the immediate interests of most casual comics fans. In addition, it is expected that all list members will conduct themselves in a professional manner.

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