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On-Line Bibliographies, Databases, Digital Comics, Etc.

Listed below are some useful on-line bibliographies of comics and comics scholarship.

Anonima Fumetti’s Site

A collection of resources in English, French, and Italian.

Censorship of Comics Bibliography

Maintained by the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, listing “books, articles, case law, and more.”

The Comic Book Periodic Table of the Elements

Maintained by John P. Selegue and F. James Holler of the Chemistry Department, University of Kentucky. Collection of information about comics and chemistry.

Comics Art Conference

Annual Scholarly Conference held in conjunction with San Diego Comic-Con

Comics Research Bibliography.

Maintained by John Bullough and Mike Rhode. A large and useful collection of references from both academic journals and popular magazines, now searchable.

The Comics in Canada: An Illustrated History

A CBC archive providing clips that chart the history of Canadian comic strips, comic books, and graphic novels.

Features Gene Kannenberg’s Comics Scholarship Annotated Bibliographies

Comics Art/Scholarship Citation Guide

Features the official citation guide adopted by the Comics Art Area of PCA.

The Comic Strip Project

History, Biographies, Articles, Sample Strips. General articles by Paul Leiffer and Hames Ware that include interviews, chronological listings, and references for the study of comic strips.

Coconino Classics

Online versions of classic 18th, 19th, and 20th century comics.

Don Markstein’s Toonopedia

A hypertext encyclopedia that aims to “cover the entire spectrum of American cartoonery” from cartoons to comics. Contains of profiles of texts, artists, and companies that produce toons.

Grand Comic Book Database Project

Ambitious project to compile an annotated list of every comic book ever published.

Jewish Comics: A Select Bibliography

Maintained by Steven M. Bergson. Annoteated list of primarily American comics featuring Jewish characters or themes.

Journal of Popular Culture index

An index to articles on comics appearing in the Journal of Popular Culture

Michigan State University’s Comics Holdings

Maintained by Randall Scott. A large collection, well-indexed. Includes the valuable guide to Comics Research Libraries.

MSU Online Comics

Online samples from the MSU collection, including works by T�ppfer, Busch, and Caran d’Ache.

Mike Rhode’s Comics-Related Indexes

Featuring: Cartoonists & Comics in Editor & Publisher: a mid-1990s Bibliography; A Look at Comics Artists in The New Yorker; National Public Radio (NPR) on Comics & Cartoons; and Stories Without Words: A Bibliography with Annotations.

Film & TV Adaptations of Comics by Manfred Vogel & Mike Rhode: Draft available via e-mail:

Peanuts Book List

Nat Gertler’s exhaustive listings which track the many publishing incarnations of Charles Schulz’ Peanuts strip.

Sequential: Comix News and Culture in Montreal and Canada

A blog dedicated to spotlighting Canadian comic art, business and culture, authored by Bryan Munn, Pierre-Andr� D�ry, and Dave Howard.

The Ultimate Disney Books Network

Didier Ghez’ information on books published by and about the Disney empire.

Vieux Bois

A page about Rodolphe T�pffer, including an online copy of Vieux Bois, from Leonardo De S�