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Other Comics Resources

100 Comic-Related Words in 8 Languages

A comparative glossary, containing terms from English, French, Flemish/Dutch, German, Danish, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese. Maintained by Pascal Lefèvre.

The Anime/Manga Web Essays Archive

Maintained by Mikhail Koulikov. This site attempts to link to every essay
about manga and anime on the internet, including a special section for academic essays.

Comic Art in Scholarly Writing: A Citation Guide

A guideline for citing comics in academic writing, adaptable to your
discipline’s particular requirements.

The Comics Reporter

Tom Spurgeon’s website of comics news, reviews, interviews, and commentary.

Copyright, Fair Use, Intellectual Property Links

Copyright Clearance Center

National Writers Union

Publication Rights Clearinghouse, articles about Tasini vs. NY Times,

Open Law: Eldred v. Reno

Information on the case challenging the Sonny Bono Copyright Term Extension Act – The U.S. Congress’s 20 year extension of the term of copyright protection

US Copyright Office

Friends of Lulu

A national nonprofit organization whose purpose is to promote and encourage female readership and participation in the comic book industry.

The Gay League

An index of gay comics, characters, and creators, including profiles,
a timeline, and forums.

Girl Wonder

A collection of sites dedicated to females in mainstream comics, featuring a forum, articles, comics, columns, and archives.

The Grand Comic Database Public Site

Updates on this ambitious project: assembling complete information on
every comic book ever published in the United States.

Sequential Tart

A web zine about the comics industry that provides articles, interviews
and news, focused on raising awareness of women’s influence in the comics
industry and other realms.

Stripper’s Guide

A project which plans to index every strip and panel published in the
USA, available by subscription only.

Voice of the Shuttle’s Comics Resources

Several useful links.


The International Cartoon Center, featuring articles, reviews, a gallery,
forum, and a collection of editorial cartoons.