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The 2003 UF Conference on Comics

This conference focused on the material history, contemporary production, and critical reception of underground comics. Artists and academic critics explored what underground comix were, what material and technological changes they created within the medium, and what avenues of narrative and visual expression they opened up for artists following in their wake. It engages with some of the critical and commercial issues these texts produced within the medium of comics, as well as examined the relationship of underground to other, more mainstream, forms of art and entertainment. Many of the keynote presentations and papers given at this conference are collected in ImageText 1.1.

Original conference website.


Bill Griffith, Kim Deitch, Diane Noomin, and Robert Williams.


Center for the Humanities and the Public Sphere, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Alternative Comics, Xerographic Copy Center, Goerings Book Store, Crossgen.


Dr. Donald Ault, John F. Ronan.

3003 UF comic conference poster